Saturday, October 9, 2010

Busy for Karate :p

do best, reach the point.

This lately day, I joined a Karate Selection of Pekanbaru by FORKI.
EXHAUTED is a must! Fyi, I went to the location at 8AM, and that tournament was over at 6 PM.
And in the next day, I still have selection for my kumite. And Alhamdulillah :) I got the 1st champ.
and going to take a competition on next 22nd October. RIAU PROVINCE! oh maaaan -_____-
My classmate, Nanda, also joined this. And at sunday, my close friends, Rissa and Yuri came to the location :p
Btw, in that photo I'm a girl who used the brown veil. Fyi(again), I also got 2nd place for kata.


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