Sunday, October 10, 2010

A PERFECT 101010 :))

today was an epic awesome day!
i came to the school for watching the gladi for a show.
suddennly, Ryan comes with his Bicycle so, I borrowed it and play it with Yuri :))
saya yang kendarai, yuri yang saya bonceng. kami main sampe ke lorong2 sekolah.
trus tiba tiba, diana datang minta main juga. yaudah, karna takut kalo mereka jatuh, aku kendarai aja tu sampe tarik tiga :))
as all students of my school know that today was Bella's(Lead OSIS) birthday.
so, Kak Fitri was make a plan to prank her UNTIL CRY. -___-
fyi, Bella already ready for that prank, but I don't know why, why did she cries. We pranked her, then Kak Fitri needs us(9-1 students) come to the class and ask about Bella personality. Well, you no need to know what we were talking about ;) after that, kak fitri was bring her to the field and let the junior see that Bella cries :)) a second after that, Johan comes and asked me to record that event. but, i was walkover and bella almost knows if i record that. 3...2...1... ARMIES COME WITH THE WATER+FLOUR+BLAU -_____- after that, Bella runs away to keep her body cleans. but, that's faileeeeeeed x) Well... this is Bella after we flushed her ;) COOL??? YES IT IS ;))))))

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