Friday, September 23, 2011

Phone Ethics in Public

Well guys, this is my first post. A post which is not talking about my random experiences :D I’ll be telling about Phone Ethics in Restaurant. It is about public’s comfort. I think, you should ‘think before speak’ in the restaurant. I’m sure that every heads in restaurant have a sensitive sense. Let’s see, when you are saying ‘poo’, ‘pee’, or ‘sex’. Then people get annoyed with that. So, here we go.

1. Don’t speak too loud

So, let’s just make it clear. Don’t you feel annoyoed when someone in the restaurant or in theater talking too loud, and you aren’t able to speak or watch the movie? By speaking too loud, it affects people to hate you because you break their mood. You may try this, i mean, go to a restaurant then have a call, speak louder than your normal talk. We can found this in restaurant, 40s-years-old men do this(40s or older). Okay, I don’t blame every 40s men, and perhaps I offended your dad by saying this. But, basically I’m quite right.

2. Remember, you are not allowed to talk about personal problems

Personal problems=your secrets. As you guys know, secret is something that is not declared or admitted or something that is known about by only few people. True, I took this definition from Oxford Dictonary :p from the definition you know what is personal problems. For example, you got a problem with your wife, and you talk with her by cellphone. You fight and arguing your own opinions. After that, you’re talking about another shit which is pulling your anger. Then you get mad with your wife, still arguing crap opinions, talking by cellphone, in a restaurant. Isn’t that awkward? Once again, probably it will annoys the customers in the restaurant. HAHAHA the example is way longer than the definition.

3. Turn down your laugh volume.

Don’t you think that stranger’s loud laughter is annoying? If, you are not in the same statement with me, you probably abn ormal. Hahahaha just kidding and no offense, guys! Usually, people will look at you cynically when you’re annoy them. You should be embarrassed.

4. Pay attention!

I suggest you, don’t try to have a call when you are driving. Watch everything whereever you are, and obey the rules.

So, this is my first post and I hope this post will help you. Thank you, buddy!

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