Sunday, December 18, 2011

Doncha know that holiday is about to come?

Hey, it's been so long time I didn't post anything here. Kinda miss everything. Seriously. I was kidnapped by examination stuffs. And yes, it drives me crazy. And the good thing is, it's finally over. No stressed out, no panicking everynight. I believe that by giving examinations to student is awfully useless and it makes the students stress and the bad thing, they will cheat. I talk the truth. Of course.

Still. My school is going to hold a class meeting. Volleyball, I'm about to join that thing. I'm not a volleyball expert nor the athlete. I play volleyball badly. You may ask my friend. With pleasure, obviously.

Let's talk about the other topic beside those sh*ts.
Holiday. Yessshhhhh. I totally can't wait about that thing called 'holiday' and I believe it brings so much fun. Unfortunately, it's only a week. Dear school principal, can we have more holiday weeks? I wanna spend my precious time with my bestfriends, friends, also old friends. A week isn't enough yet. Sorry that I complain too much. It's way better to give more holidays. I'm sure that the teachers want so. Believe me, teachers-will-agree-to-me. Pardon me over this thing. I just want to prove the rights-of-expressing-opinions. Lol, this is pathetic.

I already write down my activities list for this holiday. Such as making crafts, learning how to play guitar with my cousin, and hanging out with my fellas. But, I'm not that sure if I'm able to do these. 90% staying at home. Perhaps, I'm going to transform into an ox if I couldn't move my ass out. So, what are you going to plan for this holiday? Travelling? Visiting your relatives? Gardening? It's all up to you.
Happy Almost-Holiday! Cheers, everyone!

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