Sunday, December 25, 2011

Good Day. Good Week.

Well, it's holiday! Time to party. Time to enjoy your life. Time to do some criminal with your criminal-partners. Uhm, I mean shopping. Not criminal. Life's kinda boring today. I started my day with a karate class, eventhough I'm way better than before, more punches that I did than before. And more push-ups than before. I made 35 push-ups in... I don't know. I forgot to bring the stopwatch.

So, I don't think today is a good day. Although the holiday is started already. Today is boring. But, this week was perfectly awesome. Start from Monday until Saturday.

On monday, I and my friends did nothing beside watching the minions playing volleyball and futsal. With a touchy glances, obviously. We participated for class meeting. Unfortunately, we all are lose. I was about to throw some tear gas in order to express how I feel. Kinda disappointed. That's life.

And on wednesday, I had a fierce badminton battle. Myself againts my buddy, Ajai. Unfortunately, I lost. By that, I had to treat my buddy a burger. Sucks. He asked me for abattle again. Alright. Next time until I play well. I used to be an almost-badminton athlete. I had played againts the expert players. Once, I won.

Then, we watched volleyball although we lose. We were win at the first set until they beat us!! Fine, they're our senior. We were sending a billion of enthusiams. We jumped. We rolled. We punched the trees. We took photos. Awful. The supporters of our class is only 4 person. Myself, Friska, Wiwid, and Lintang. The other pals backed home, hugging the pillow, sleeping.

The loneliness. The sadness. We were expressing Langang Euphoria. Aren't we cool enough to be a model of loneliness? We are, indeed. Damn, I looked so weird at that picture. If only I could rip and burn it. It contains a billion if shameness.

After that, on saturday. Report card given day! My mind filled by anxiety because of my score are really bad. Fortunately, my math, chemistry, physics score were U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-E-A-B-L-E. Anxiety level = decreased. I was believe this holiday must be a spectacular holidays!

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