Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Belated New Year! It's 2012.

I was on hiatus in this blog until I realize one of my fellow posted on her blog. So, I decided to post some craps on my blog again! Finally, it's 2012! Happy belated new year and happy belated birthday to me. Lol, it was a just-so-so birthday. I didn't celebrate it but i still got some wishes and thank you!

Well, I celebrated my New Year's eve with my pals from my class. Some of them, obviously. We threw some fireworks to the dark-beautiful-sky, had a grilling-chicken session. I grilled some chickens, that's awful. But, my buddies did. It was wonderful. And to be honest, I backed home at 1 AM. Motherfucker, I've never been back home at that time.

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