Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hardcore Rain

Good evening. I'd like to tell you guys a live report from Pekanbaru, my city. We got hard rain here, added by thunders and winds. Kinda afraid with this situation. But, I'm trying to be a courage one by playing internet. Yes, playing internet. Nothing can change the importance of internet in my life. I surf youtube, twitter, facebook, and the other sites. This thing is totally fun.

Move on to my 'hardcore rain' topic. Some girls in my twitter timeline get afraid with this weather. Including me. It's about when I was thinking to go out for my mobile cost. When I reached my bike already. It started raining. God changed my plan. Oh, no! P.S: All blue feelings right now supported by the rain. Rain. Not that korean-hot-singer. He's damn-- fabulous! Well dear rain, Dora and Boots want you to get the fuck off!

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