Sunday, January 22, 2012


Vas happening, readers? After I leave those Bieber's shits because I realized that he was giving bad effects to me. I won't explain why because if you beliebers read this, you probably will complain myself.

So this, One Direction. The new heart-lighter in this moment. I knew then since last June 2011, from my buddy who really addicted to One Direction. She told me that Zayn is the hottest right there. Well, I was like "Wow, really? I think so." But seriously, I secretly saved Zayn's pictures because he amused me with his six-packs and his good-looking face. I watched some X-Factor clips in youtube and I was focusing onto Zayn. No other.

Good news for ya, I am a Directioner. Now. I adore Zayn, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Harry. They all are fabulouis and amazayn. But, I splash my love more to Zayn and Louis. Their eyes melt me, break me into pieces. They are absolutely talented, adorable. Well, I'm kinda speechless to describe how they are. I love their team work! Take a peek to the picture above. Louis and Zayn. Hahahahahaha. Kinda pathetic why I put the shirtless picture

I am a Directioner. Not because the trend and not because the euphoria. The first time I knew then I fell for one member. Lol. Got to be honest, they are fantastic. That's why most of girls love them. And they are British! Everyone loves British accent! Once again, that's why most of girls fall for them. I thank god because some of my buddies are Directioner too. Got some mates to bear with x)


  1. Gotta love this post. Amazayn. I think I will use that word more often from now on. And we're Zaynster! :p

  2. #Beliebers #OneDirectioners #Zaynster :D NO COMPLAIN!

  3. @bilqis: Good then! Let's have some !D conversation again whenever we meet x)

    @Vinta: No bieber stuff here, please dear. It's kinda annoying lah lololol