Monday, January 23, 2012

It's a boring holiday

Happy Chinese New Years to all people who celebrate it! So, I started my monday with went jogging clean up the crib. I was really damn lazy to go to marathon, I hate doing exercise. Although it is an easy one instean of work out in the gym. I met my schoolmates too, anyway. Then, I cleaned my room, and the entire second floor in my house. Because, mom told me "The second floor is like your own house. Take care of it," She mumble it everytime. Nah, my brother tried to clean up my parent's room. He might thought "I am the kindest son in this whole world. I cleaned my parent's room. Heck, no. And he found this:

For sale! No, I'm kidding. My dad would kill me if I sell this one. But, the weird thing is he never play it since about 6 months ago. Meanwhile, I don't know how to play this thing. I want to but I'm kinda pesimistic because my fingersare not that long just like the other people who knows how to play guitar. Move on, after he cleaned the dirtfuk guitar, my little brother play that guitar with a reckless chord. He doesn't know how to play it, than I told a wise sentence to him, "You should know how to play guitar. Girls will fall for you". Than, my sister came and said, "He's just 9 years old, sis." She broke everything. Pft.

After I cleaned up my house and helped my mom, I went to Cultural Park of Riau Province for dancing practice. Need to tell ya this, I hate dancing. Fortunately the fate wouldn't let me to stay right there for long. They were totally boring. One of my friend picked me up to continue our schedule, the promise. I and 2 of my bestfriends came to my teacher's house, or I can called him a buddy *he's only 21. We ate snacks and stuffs, visiting rules. Moments later, he introduced us with a creepy Playstation 1 game named Bishi Bashi.

ATTENTION! Lol. This is a depressing game but it's gonna be fun if we have a mate to play this game. Tough competition or World War III =)) That game was quite pissing off especially the Crazy Mode. I think the wins score is 9-2. Anyway, i love the 'Star', it's like playing game that was exist in Nokia old version. Right, we are the "2" :) Gunna seek the disc of the game next week!

After that, I went home. Back to the reality. Face the boring life again. But yippie! I had some creamy cakes to eat! #gainsweight

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