Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Diary; May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

I watched The Hunger Games with my buddies, Bilqis, Tissa, and Yudi yesterday. I was super excited to watch the movie and so was Bilqis. We kept talking too much what scenes that we're looking for and we were reviewing the scenes in The Hunger Games novel. You'll never regret if you watch this movie because I totally recommend this to you! Gonna watch it for the second times. :P All scenes were full of thrill especially the blood-bath in cornucopia and when Katniss and Peeta were chased by Mutts then Cato came. And I was sorry about Thresh's death. Because he set Katniss free after Clove attacked her. He's very lovely. I wish Alexander Ludwig got the role as Thresh HAHAHA. And I think that Gale is super handsome right there, but still, Peeta is the most. And so here are some reviews from The Hunger Games that I just watched yesterday.

1. Fuck career team, except Cato.
2. Rue's death scene is totally touchfull.
3. If I were Katniss, I'll marry Peeta right away.
4. I feel bad to Seneca, but Katniss is just too strong.
5. Haymitch isn't even same with what I expected from the book.
5. I heard NO accent from Capitol. God, why?
6. There was only one kissing scene. I just want more. Team Katniss and Peeta!
7. I was happy when Clove and Glimmer dead. But, Glimmer looked horrible in her death.
8. I personally think that Glimmer semi-looks alike a playboy model #wtf

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