Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Excited And Exhausted

2 days to go to the provincial tournament. Not even ready nor prepared well. My right leg hurts and I fucking can't move well. Then again, I HAVE TO be the champion again, just like what I dis last year. I just don't want to disappointed anyone, I fucking want to add my achivement. Fyi, I failed the last tournament altough I am the committee. Sucks.

So this is the review of what I'm going to do later. I don't want my head being kicked all the time. Nahah! I know how to avoid it, anyway. Pftttt to day is the last dat of training center and I met someone who looks like a L-Men model, but he's body is not that muscular. I count it as perfect. WHY ALL HOT ATHLETES COME OUT AT THE LAST DAY? I'm pretty mad. And the bad thing of today is, I'm being stalked. Somebody kept looking at me with a creepy sight.

Quote of the day: "Kita tahu bahwa kita wanita, tapi saya yakin kalian semua pasti ingin buang angin di saat pelatih sekitar kita."
Thing to learn of the day: Don't you dare to buy 'Capcin' with IDR 4k. YOu'll be kicked off by the traders.

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