Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Day That I Will Never Forget

Congratulation to my self, as the runner up for Indonesia Karate Federation for Riau level. Kinda upset because for last tournament, I got the champion, gold medal. I've been joining like billion tournaments but this one is too memorable! We yelled lot of supportive-songs and yells until its midnight. All pekanbaru team danced, sang, yelled to support each other. I'm so thankful to know some of you guys and know some talents from another regions. You are unbeatable! I remember when it was Sunday Night, probably on 8.30 pm when all competition are over. Siak team and Pekanbaru team were in war of yelling. And we came up with 'insulting' Pelalawan, Rohil, etc. And I remember when we came onto the arena and danced like stupid monkeys. Super awesome, wasn't it?

"Yel-yelnya somplak", "Pulang kampung!", "Yang merah busuk", and others! We got loads of it! And it's over until 10pm. Too short. Boriiiiiiing. And now, m body is full with hurts, wounds, and some injuries after being kicked and punched all the time. Cool ennough, tho. :|

me with the other medal receivers for my class, Cadet +54kg. and i look lime the un-skinny one here :p hahaha!

With the gold medal receiver, my buddy, Liza.

Best tournament that I ever joined. Made friends with another, mumbled too much, played a lot. Thank you for the chance!

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