Saturday, April 14, 2012

Andrew Garfield; That Lovable One

Good evening, people. How's your day? Anyway, for tonight, I'd like to post a entry about Andrew Garfield, that hot and adorable one. I know that one thing that you think when you heard 'Garfield', that insane yellow-orange cat. But, not for me. This hot man, DrewG. I admire like ages ago but, I'm not that hype about everything about him until I saw his picture in tumble dashborad and I decided to post this :p

The picture above is himself in The Social Network movie. He well-known by his role in The Social Network as Eduardo, the co-founder of facebook. He did super great in his role of that movie. Super amazing that you can imagine. The helpful one, the cool one, and a loyal one to the friend. In real life, he is a British-American actor who was born on 20 August 1983 in Los Angeles and he moved to England years later after he was born. I know he's pretty old, but I find this one is hot, so it won't be a big deal problem.

And guess what, I'm one of Spiderman sequel avid fan, I grow up with Spiderman thing even I'm a girl but still, IT IS A GOOOOOOOOOD IDEA. THANK YOU DIRECTOR FOR PUTTING ANDREW GARFIELD AS THE MAIN ROLE FOR THIS LAST SEQUEL! My life is prett perfect just now. Awesome, isn't it? yehehehe. The first time I knew about this, I think I had heart attack at the moment, but this is a reality, not fantasy. Andrew as Peter Parker or Spiderman. Y U GET HIM JUST NOW? I fancy DrewG as Peter Parker instead of Tobey Maguire, but then again Tobey did awesome as the nerd Peter. Nevermind c; I'm sure he'll look so damn perfect in the last sequel of spiderman movie. So, I tell you a story, when I watched The Hunger Games at the cinema, that wild spiderman trailer appeared like a boss. and there was DrewG's scenes. I slightly can't breath.

"Andrew is one of the most giving actors I’ve ever worked with. If I needed to get to a place of love or sadness in a scene, he’d leave messages on my phone to replay, or slip in lines off camera for a different reaction than what was scripted. He gave me so much to react to." - Emma Stone

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