Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Random Fun Day

Hello people, I just wanna claim that today is a fun one, although I and my classmates got a problem with our math teacher. I admit, that was our fault. Okay, let's talk about what I did today. All started since the evening, 3 P.M. I woke up from my nap and sneaked into the living room. My mom was out so I watched the television right away. And turned the channel into HBO and watched a good movie. Everything Is Illuminated. The plot starts with some funny scenes and dialogs, well after Alex, a tourist guide in this movie, met the Jewish American and everything goes to full-of-drama. Ehhh it's kinda hard to elaborate. And I was occupied to watch it until its done, and went to the school, for a training at 3:30PM.

I thought that I was late. It was raining but I still went to school with my raincoat and looked like a fire brigade. But, I don't care. I waited like more than an hour but there was only 9 person who came and we decided to go to somewhere to have fun. After I backed home, I kept turning all channels and found a tv channel (i forget what is it named) aired August Rush. I watched and shout out loud. That. Is. Freddie. Highmore. He looks cute, anyway. Always. I love him since his role in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory played in theater.

left: poster of August Rush; right: postef og everything is illuminated

The movie August Rush is very inspiring. I watched it for more that three times and I find it obsessive. And, the movie Everything Is Illuminated thought me about..... Hm, I have no idea. The movie is fun, and yes. Well, what if I said that the movie teach me how to be open-minded to everyone in the world because we all were born with lot of differences. Meanwhile, people still hating on each other because of the differences thingy. Can I? Hahahahahaha.

he replied my tweet yeeeeeey

Oh, one more thing that I won't firget to say is Zachary Gordon, Greg in Diary of Wimpy Kid replied my tweet. YESSSSSSSSSSSS. I'm his fan too. And all of his movie, I mean non-TV Series are epic. I tweeted bunch of tweets to him and finally got a reply. I asked him how interesting is Glee, well I mis-typed a word right there. Mind me, I'm not that fluent in english because it is not my mother language. Awesome, isn't it? C;

"You got to love music more than you love food. More than life. More than yourself. "

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